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Surprise Project - Consumption (MegaGlest faction) by Mircea

Surprise Project - Consumption (MegaGlest faction)


28 June 2018 at 07:23:43 MDT

This is the free version of the original Patreon announcement, which has been available to the $1 tier as of two weeks ago. It can be found at the following link:

And thus it arrives: This is the official announcement for my latest game project, which is now released openly to the public.

Consumption is a tech for the RTS game MegaGlest / ZetaGlest, based on modified assets from its MagiTech and MegaPack factions (CC-BY-SA). Currently the tech contains two opposing factions: Humans and Reptiles. As one may easily guess, the humans purpose is to fill the bellies of the lizards... or to avoid that fate depending on who you're playing as or who you ask. While there isn't yet an official backstory, the two factions are categorized as follows:

  • Humans: A medieval human establishment fighting to defend themselves from the reptiles. They use priests to recruit people from human settlements found across the map, which can then be trained into workers or warriors. Their first attack units are ground troops such as archers and swordsmen... later on they research ground battle machines, followed by flying contraptions like airships.

  • Reptiles: A race of semi-sapient reptiles hunting the humans. The colony starts off with snakes... they eventually evolve into raptors, from which they may further grow into dragons. At each stage of evolution their units are divided between two classes: Warriors who are tasked with fighting, which can be distinguished by their green scales... and harvesters that farm humans and store them inside their stomachs, who can be distinguished from their yellow skin and bloated bellies. They eat people from human settlements found across the map, which they use as a food source and can digest into weak workers or warriors that serve them.

The mod is compatible with any MegaGlest / ZetaGlest map and tileset. Its repository with the instructions can be found on Github... comment below if you have any issues with the installation process and I'll try to help out:

This game and my other projects were only made possible thanks to your support on Patreon. If you like this and the other things I'm working on, please consider offering even a small contribution if you can:

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