Voragotchi - Kitty get milk! by Mircea

Voragotchi - Kitty get milk!


8 May 2018 at 05:09:10 MDT

Voragotchi has definitely not been forgotten, despite going on a break for several months due to me being busy with other projects more. Git master has recently seen several additions and improvements, to both the engine as well as the gameplay of Voragotchi itself. Major new changes include the following:

  • Milk was implemented as a second food type. A new sales person has been added with it, which will also appear randomly and sell you milk when you're in need. Milk costs roughly half as much as apples, but is also only half as filling for your pet. Milk is also the food you start the game with, apples now being the first unlockable food which only becomes available after your pet has aged a little.
  • Constants have been implemented in the engine. You can now define common values to act as settings in mods, which are read-only and will not be saved in the browser cookie. This solves a major annoyance affecting any large game that may be created with this engine, where if you wanted to change a base setting you had to scan thousands of lines of json to remember every place in which you're using it.
  • Layer inheritance has been improved and is now used by default. Any layer in any sprite may now inherit the properties of any other layer from any other sprite, using its properties unless the sprite then overrides any specific one. This helps further reduce and cleanup sprite definitions, once more making it easier to do common changes without having to edit each definition individually.
  • Support for browser tooltips has been implemented. Hovering over certain UI elements will tell you what they mean, useful for new players.
  • Sounds can now be random as well, by defining the sound source as an array of strings rather than a single string.

You may check out the code or clone Voragotchi here: https://github.com/MirceaKitsune/voragotchi
You may play Voragotchi directly from your web browser here: https://mirceakitsune.github.io/voragotchi
Voragotchi and other projects are only possible thanks to your Patreon support. If you want to keep seeing progress please consider pledging: https://patreon.com/MirceaKitsune