Vore Tournament - February 2018 development update by Mircea

Vore Tournament - February 2018 development update


24 February 2018 at 16:32:19 MST

Thanks to the support I've recently gotten back on Patreon, I felt motivated to start working on Vore Tournament again. Things were a little dusty as several changes broke several things while I was away, but I got everything back on track with some help from the Xonotic crew. During the last few days I managed to fix the other half of the bug list, leaving only a few things left to do! Here is what changed this month:

  • Updated the code to compile and work against the latest version of Xonotic in Git, after numerous changes were introduced during the previous months breaking VT compatibility.
  • Fixed the stomach model shaking every frame, improving the positional calculations of the internal / external vore models in the process.
  • Enable the 1st person death camera by default, letting prey maintain the internal view after dying. Previously it poked out of the stomach due to how the model was attached, so this had to be delayed.
  • Implement a hopefully satisfactory way of precaching vore related player models when sv_precacheplayermodels is disabled. This might result in fewer hiccups.
  • Don't allow players to be eaten when their spawn shield is active or they're in a vehicle. Previously we only prevented this for the active act of swallowing, not the progress based decision to set the player as a prey. This fixes macros being unable to cough up micros as they'd instantly get swallowed back up.
  • Optimized stats to be used directly and more efficiently, which may result in networking less useless data depending on how Xonotic updates stats internally.
  • When only partial swallowing is possible, predators will now see notifications explaining why they can't fully swallow a player, as they already did for normal swallowing.

If things keep going well, I should be able to release version 2.0.1 this spring. There's still a few things left to improve, and I wish to make sure I haven't missed anything first. If you want to help and have the Git version working, feel free to do a "./all update" in Xonotic and "git pull" in data_voretournament then recompile and play a few local matches! And as always, remember I still need your support badly... please contribute any amount if you're happy with my work and feel that you can:


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