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Brief Escape (announcement) (vore version) by Mircea

Brief Escape (announcement) (vore version)


I'm announcing upcoming sneak peaks and exclusives of my latest vorish Blender project, Brief Escape! It is a rendered image series, and will consist of roughly 32 pages in total (possibly more depending on how many renders the series fits under).

This is my most ambitious render to date in terms of quality and photorealism. It will feature the vixen seen in my drawn art, using the model present in the anthro character pack which I recently published on Blendswap. Also me... in 3D... take a wild guess in which role :) Note that this will be slightly more NSFW compared to my previous works, as some scenes will feature detailed nude views of the vixen.

As always, the final product will be free for everyone and available at its native resolution (3840 x 2160). However if you wish to see early content and exclusive renders before that happens, as well as making it possible for me to finish the project altogether... I kindly ask that you consider supporting me if you aren't already, or increasing your pledge if you are and have the ability to do so. As always the rewards are:

  • $5 Tier: Exclusive images showcasing the progress made on this render.
  • $10 Tier: Special images showing bonus scenes from this render.
  • $25 Tier: Access to posts in which I may be letting others take decisions about this render.

While you wait, remember that the vixen you see is freely available under a CC0 / Public Domain license. If you're a Blender artist yourself and looking to do something fun, you can get her as well as the other two characters from their Blendswap submission! Kudos go to Untied Verbeger for his original wolf model which made those characters possible.

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