Vore Tournament & Voragotchi - September 2017 update by Mircea

Vore Tournament & Voragotchi - September 2017 update


19 September 2017 at 07:51:36 MDT

September 2017 brings numerous changes and bug fixes to the projects Vore Tournament and Voragotchi. Vore Tournament sees half of the issues for the 2.0.1 target resolved, whereas Voragotchi implements new gameplay functionality as well as engine improvements. Here is the progress made so far on each project:

Vore Tournament:


  • Pets can now be named independently when starting a world.
  • Pet aging has been implemented. Pets exist in three stages, which affect their size and available food types: Baby, Teen, Adult.
  • Pet death has been implemented. Pets will disappear if either health drops to 0 or age reaches 1.
  • Graphics for all human characters were generated, with bodies and facial expressions separated into interchangeable images.
  • Cleanup sprite and variable definitions, optimizing the setup and preparing important values for later use.

  • Improve the preload screen, fixing high CPU usage and blurry images in some browsers.

  • Layers may now inherit the layers of other sprites, causing them to be loaded before the layer that inherits them.

  • Variables may be labeled as settings, making their starting value configurable from the world creation screen.

  • Fix time not being visually updated when date or hour is printed in a text field.

  • Don't allow the interval functions of sprites to execute during the frame in which that sprite is removed.

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