Digital Economy Bill artist challenge (template) by Mircea

Digital Economy Bill artist challenge (template)


3 March 2017 at 07:49:05 MST

Some of you might have seen my recent posts regarding the Digital Economy Bill, or heard about it from other sources. For those of you who haven't, it's an extreme censorship law proposed in Britain aiming to "purify" the internet of porn. As a means of protest, I have created an artist challenge and this template to go with it. I dare you all to complete it and / or pass it on to other artists!

The rule is simple: Draw every sex act that would be prohibited on the internet if the bill were to pass. This includes a variety of kinky stuff which I condensed into 9 panels, each panel representing a specific theme. If you don't want to draw something, skip it altogether or just scribble something crazy instead... the point of the challenge is both to be fun and to spread the word about this medieval age crap. Be mindful of each sites rules when uploading your result, as some might take issue with a few of the themes listed here. Also the template itself is licensed Public Domain / CC0, do whatever your heart pleases with it!

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    lol Europe. The UN was voted off to "controlling the internet" as far as being able to censor whatever they want anyways under Obama, as if the US had any right to pretend to own the entire internet and have control over it. I highly doubt Trump will let them fuck with the internet in the US at least now anyways, but hey freedom of speech was never a thing in Europe to this day so they kinda have to expect something like this will eventually happen.

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      The EU actually cares about freedom of speech, and has been doing okay on that so far. The UK seems to be a world of its own though... I can see why they're leaving the EU now, the Tories cannot abide by the rules of the modern civilized world.

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        Uhh no the EU doesn't nor does anyone in Europe. You think "anti-racism" laws are free speech? LOL Mention a "refugee" moslem raping someone and magically you're in jail and or paying 60,000 Euro fines. Yeah, "value free speech" so much they're destroying themselves in denial of reality.