The Ruler they Wanted by Miranthia

The Ruler they Wanted


12 October 2014 at 03:58:51 MDT

"You see now what future awaits you... All those people you wanted to save. The people you want to control. They will shrivel as your friend has..."

"All that you love will become shadow. All that you see will become death."

I finally beat Fable III, and of course there were feels.

Of course I didn't raise enough money, because I did everything the people wanted me to, and more than half of them all died. SO, even though I saved the world, they wound up hating me. To top it all off my wife left me and I lost our kids.

What a bitch.

SO, this is what spawned inside my head. Sort of.

It's super fucking bright. I don't even know if it looks good because I'm seeing triple; everything hurts and not in a good way ;A; I have no idea how long this took me to do, but hnnnnng it's finally finished!

And it's also huge.

Super huge.

Anyways, yep. First Fable fanart ever. Even though I'm sick of looking at it, I'm proud of myself C8 I have more planned for it, but dude it's going on 5 am and I still haven't slept yet.

[insert insane delirious laughter here]

Channing & Art © Me

Watercolor Texture © cgarofani
Film Grain Texture © jakezdaniel

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