When She's Alone by Miranthia

When She's Alone


17 February 2014 at 08:12:10 MST

She doesn’t mind being alone.

At times, it gives her a moment to think or relax; to not have to worry about anyone or anything. The peace and calm of the wilderness soothes her.

She would never choose being alone over being with Brenna though; Brenna is what keeps her going.

She completes her.

She is there when she needs someone to lean on, or to talk to.

She is there to keep things away, and bad thoughts at bay.

Because if she were to be honest with herself…she would admit that being alone scares her.

When she’s alone, the past haunts her.

The things and people that she has lost along the way hunt her down, and the things she cannot remember try to claw their way to the surface.

When she’s alone the things that she fears the most come to play before her very eyes. The demons she has buried deep within her reappear.

She hates it, but she will not admit it. It is a crutch that she does not like to lean on, a weakness that she despises.

Now that Brenna has come along, she will never be truly alone ever again. She is with her always, even if she is not physically there.

Now when she is alone, she is at ease, for the very first time in her life.

Now, she really does not mind being alone.

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Watercolor Texture © cgarofani

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