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Drawlloween '20 - #23 Tarot Card by Miranthia

Drawlloween '20 - #23 Tarot Card


4 December 2020 at 16:44:31 MST

This has taken me so long to do, that I am now two days behind.
I've only had 4 hours of sleep.
I started it after 7pm yesterday.
And I'm finally done x-x
For good this time!
I am very proud of it though, for sure :D
It says 'Three of Swords' at the bottom; I didn't know what font to use and the symbol one seemed fitting :3
It's also super fitting for my Cousland.
I've always wanted to do a Dragon Age tarot card and this challenge gave me the perfect opportunity for it!

Drawlloween 2020 prompt list is by SariSpy56
Cousland Insignia, Grey Warden Emblem, circle outlines, & zodiac font were all found via Google
Watercolor Texutre © cgarofani
Dragon Age © BioWare
Temperance & Art © Me