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Fishing Vs. Gardening! by MilkyGuru

Fishing Vs. Gardening!


31 August 2014 at 04:04:47 MDT

Haven’t drawn in a while, mainly due to getting ill and Anxiety/Depression. Sorry everyone, but hey! Getting there….kinda, but here’s a rough and failed attempt in making icons or side image fun’s, for lanturnsienna and I: in Animal Crossing style OR so I tried in doing so! If anything, here are some chibi’s of me and my lovely Pumpkin head!

Drawing is still getting there, but I’m going to doodle a tad; instead of pushing myself. If that’s okay with some, but I shall be ‘TRYING’ to upload more art, and expect this doodle and along with others that need it; too get all dolled up and colored!

Artwork (C) Mine

Others persona (C) lanturnsienna

Submission Information

Visual / Sketch


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    aww they are too cute uvu love them both. Also sorry to hear you've been unwell ;n; I hope things balance out soon.

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      So happy you enjoy are persona's in Chibi mode! Hahaha! Though also thank-you for your lovely, and sweet hearten words for my recent and current events/situation; that truly means a lot to me, that someone as amazingly-wonderful as you! Would take the time out of their day to write such enchanting, and kind words about my art. Plus caring for me as well for my well being. You truly made my morning, day, and night! This if for sure! Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ❤ヾ[| ●´∀`● |]ノ゙

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        :D well I'm glad you are most pleased with my comment, you're very welcome!

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