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Maria Gerald Character Design by MilkJunkie

Maria Gerald Character Design


Maria Gerald, the Stalwart Soldier.

Little is known of Maria by her comrades in the Ironhart Military. What is known is that she hails from Midori, a Kingdom allied with Ironahrt due mostly in part to the Kingdoms' shared history in the Ultima Knights and their roles in fending off the Dark God Drasternius. The alliance stems only to military support and little more, as Midori is more traditional in its approach and has no need for trade with a more technologically advanced Kingdom like Ironhart.

Maria appeared seemingly out of nowhere. She was recognized for her hard-working attitude and secretary skills, but also for her marksmanship. To this end, her duties on-base often involve a great amount of paperwork between training regiments, though she also sees away-team action on occasion. On these missions she proves herself a valiant soldier with a strong sense of duty.

Fun facts about Maria:

  • Maria is the only person to know of Amelia's romance novel interest.
  • She is quick on her feet, holding many records on base for sprinting.
  • Her glasses are for being near-sighted, however she has proven skilled enough to make a shot without them.
  • Maria can pick locks.
  • Her interests include cooking, sewing, and music.
  • She is prone to being envious of fuller-figured women, like Amelia.
  • Maria often speaks of her family's hardships growing up, implying she comes from a poor, but honest-working household. She also claims to have multiple siblings, and only speaks of her father. Her one older sister, Katherine, passed away when Maria was just a little girl.
  • Maria claims to have had her marksmanship taught to her by her father.
  • Maria plays "Labyrinths and Leviathans."

Art done by the talented Devil-V on DA:

Maria Gerald is (c) Her Player

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