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Playing the Melody by Miliki

Playing the Melody


I decided to re-do a picture I have always adored of one of my D&D characters, Mura, and her mate Seeker. I wanted to see the difference or the improvement I have made over the years. I was inspired to do this after I looked at one of the pictures of one of my other favorite D&D pictures of my tiefling and its cohort and then the picture redid that one from. I see a lot of improvement in both Seeker (the wolfwere) and Mura. <3

I am glad I did this. Oh and I probably redid this picture because I also did Fael's profile and these are his parents :3

This is a picture of Mura and Seeker that I did awhile ago. I made this image shortly after I figured out what kind of stringed instrument she was going to be playing since my GM told me that he would be giving me an instrument shortly after I took my 1st level in bard. The brightly colored things behind her head are feathers. She is a half dragon who is slowing having phoenix introduced into her because the Phoenix God of the world likes her. It is an interesting game. Seeker is actually a wolfwere (Yes, I said it right wolfwere, werewolves are people who can turn to wolves he is the opposite). Aka he can turn human he just doesn't like to. And he and Mura have been deemed "mates".

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