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Six FanArt Challenge by MiLe-08

Six FanArt Challenge


Huge pic is huge xD
I started working on these fanarts a month ago after taking suggestions about which characters I should draw (。^▽^)
I knew they were going to take a while so I decided to do the lineart as the ones I do in my Clean Sketches to make the process a bit faster, but with the same coloring and shading as my Flat Shaded pictures (Which made the process a bit slower hahaha xD), so let's say they are very detailed Clean Sketches ^_^

Having the chance to work on unique characters with their own features was an amazing experience, I was really looking forward to draw characters I've never drawn before, the only exception was Roxas (✿◠‿◠)

I'm posting the big version here because it looks better than the actual meme, but you can see the original meme on my Twitter ♪(^∇^*)

★ Haru Okumura for @SunnyKnights on Twitter ★
★ Fox McCloud for @ArunMehtaShow on Twitter ★
★ Roxas for Lady-RoseLight on Twitter ★
★ Robin for @SkySabri9 on Twitter ★
★ Chiaki Nanami for @JakeDSnake45 on Twitter ★
★ Ozzy Jones for @BitsTibblesn on Twitter ★