By Myself by MikeDavins

By Myself


24 March 2014 at 09:29:07 MDT

"Growing up, with no goals set. No aspiring dreams to reach. Poor job, never pushing for better positions. Living life a loner. Friends are on the outside, but here, I am alone. Am I happy? I guess, but am I just lying to myself by buying these small things? I'll never know, I can't change it anymore."

Okay this doodle took way longer then I would've liked. I am not a person who draws up comics well. I just wanted to attempt it. You can see a ton of errors in this drawing, and I tried my best to fix them. All in all, while the finished product is fun to look at. I think I prefer single pics and animation. The detailing on this one is nonexistent.

I wanted to draw the crow because for a test Flash game that I'm working on, he is going to be the protagonist of it. And yes, I wanted to make him anthropomorphic for it. He's the only guy I got who looks like he could use some adventure.

--Was not paying attention to the resolution size, sorry!--

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