Wabisuke Jakka - Apologizing Blade Serpent by Mijou

Wabisuke Jakka - Apologizing Blade Serpent


3 July 2013 at 13:13:04 MDT

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Streamed Ryuujin's brother today, and watched a movie!

Wabisuke Jakka - The Apologizing Blade

Wabisuke Jakka is a dragon of Emerald. His eyes bleed constantly, he is a dragon that wishes for you to apologize for your sins. One strike from Wabisuke and your weight will double. Another strike, your weight will triple. Eventually, you will be down on your hands and knees, head to the floor, in a apologizing formation. Thus, The Apologizing One.

This dragons talons are made of pure Diamond, and the whips on its forehead can feel soft as silk, or as hard as a rock.

His horns are made of gold, and his feet feel like smooth slate. His eyes are rather terrifying, making you feel heavy with self doubt. You will begin to feel worthless about yourself, unless you have a strong heart.

Wabisuke is constantly bullied by his brother. Ryuujin is not one to admit his sins and apologize to Wabisuke for all his wrong doings. This drives Wabisuke absolutely insane. He flies around the earth, whipping and lashing out at sinners. He can smell evil, and follows evil around until he forces them to repent out of sheer fear of Wabisuke's wrath. When Wabisuke has closed on to this evil, he wraps himself around this being until the only thing they can see is his face, and screams at them until they cave in from the weight of their sins. The more heavy you get, the more his voice slips into your mind.

The only way to escape is to apologize, or get down on your hands and knee's and bow.

There is a good way to become Wabisuke's friend. Constantly keep on your toes, and be a good person. Wabisuke adores the act of giving, so if you give him something, he will always return you something of equal or better value.

Artwork and character belongs to Me.

Drawn by Me.

Streamed today with a nice group of people.