Ryuujin Jakka - Flowing Blade Serpent by Mijou

Ryuujin Jakka - Flowing Blade Serpent


4 June 2013 at 01:33:59 MDT

Streamed this guy today, extremely proud of him actually. His brother will be coming up very soon.

Ryuujin Jakka - Flowing Blade

Ryuujin Jakka is a blade that turns everything it touches to ash. One swipe by this sword will turn everything in eyes distance into flames. Another sweep can make an explosive flame tornado. Ryuujin Jakka is a powerful blade, and requires a wielder with high balance and impossible heat tolerance.

This dragons talons are made of pure Diamond, and the whips on its forehead can feel soft as silk, or sharp as a needle.

His horns are made of gold, and hsi feet feel like polished stone. His eyes are so cobalt they chill your insides, allowing you to bare the heat of his flesh.

Ryuujin is not exactly a nice creature, though beautiful. He likes to make an ass of himself, and likes to bully others. He thinks his form of bullying is funny, and not actually harmful at all. He won't say sorry ever, and he can never accept making a mistake.

Ryuujin does like compliments though, fill his Ego to the maximum and he just might consider you as a friend, and possibly bully you more gently.

Artwork and character belongs to Me.

Drawn by Me.

Streamed today with a nice group of people.