Hedi Colour Sketch by MieythWolftear

Hedi Colour Sketch


15 September 2014 at 18:56:39 MDT

I had inked this back in 2012 and was part of a commission that I had never finished due to yay~! crippling depression. (Though I am VERY, very happy that the commissioner was really understanding about why I had given it up.) So when I tried doing commissions again, I figured I might as well slap a tad of colour on it and send it as a little freebie "thank you for being nice" type thing.

This was so fustraighting. I have the WORST luck with buying bristol, for some reason they are all really borked. I don't know how well it scanned, but the bristol absorbes the pigment/water from both ink and watercolour really oddly. I put a uniform amount of water colour on both in the sky and tank, yet it's really blotchy and has a weird texture and I can't understand why... I used 100 poundpressed Strathmore Bristol which is supposed to be really good, yet every time it's bad... And they couldn't have been from the same batch becuase the different boards were gotten from two different stores a year apart...

Either way, this was just a little colour sketch of a drawing I inked in 2012. :)

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