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Thanks for checking out my page....

I'm a UK Furry called Tokala as most know me.

I love art, Kite-boarding and music "Pink Floyd especially on the music side! Also I be a Fursuiter/Entertainer ^^

I'm a bit green when it comes to art so please feel free to comment or give any suggestions/constructive crit

Shiny things distract me! All of the shiny XD

Apart for having a thing for tickling I also drink all of the pink wine! so hide your booze..

I'm thinking about commissions although not sure as

1) Im rather slow and fussy taking days to finish stuff

2) Not that confident in what ever it is I make is worth coin

Im currently working on better anatomy, colour techniques, different species.... A mountain of stuff it seems but looking back I barley managed to draw a stick man 18 months ago..

If your interested in something feel free to ask, I can manage Cats and Canids so far species wise..




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    Awesome XD well if you're up for it ill be happy to make a start next week?

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      Cool ^^ Id feel better if I could do my half first,I take ages and i'm not all the confident in the art I make...At least that way if you like it you can finish your half in your own time XD Anyway what exactly would you like me to make, I'm guessing raver pic for Medosai with glows and stuffz ?

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        Medosai if you're comfortable with that yeah :) otherwise if you want a challenge I'd love you to try Edward hamster! Let me know what you'd want and I can just postpone it for you :)

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          Awesomeness, I haven't tried much apart from Felions & Canids ^^ I really just stick to these at the moment just to avoid turning someone's fursona into mutant XD If that ok I'll get something rough on paper this week and hopefully get it done on the weekend for ya :)

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            Awesome! Sounds good. Ill start sketching something and try to do it Monday :)

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      Cool I'll be starting tomorrow ^^ Just trying to finish the current wip first.... I'll have you dressed like a furry raver with all of the crazy glows then! I like rave pics, its an excuse to play with all of the colour lighting XD

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        Sounds epic XD having to do it Wednesday now but you said you want to do your part first anyway. Hope that's okay!

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          Whoop whoop... Iv almost get the pencil sketch sorted ^^ Hope to get some inking & changes/corrections done the weekend, i'll be a little busy as my gf will be with me but it is in progress XD