Dark Mistress of the Under Realm, Noir Style by Midnightblut

Dark Mistress of the Under Realm, Noir Style


3 March 2020 at 16:48:31 MST

Drawn by NitricAcid

When you enter the afterlife you stand before the Dark Mistress first, she decides what your ultimate destination will be before the boatmaster takes along the river of souls to your final rest. Sometimes she offers souls a chance at changing their fate should they toe the line enough to warrant one last nudge to peace or torment. She has also been known for offering chances to souls that do not deserve any chances at all with the intent on having a little fun with her eternal task. Boredom tends to make for interesting experiments and should you find your way to her as she casts a sly glance towards you, just know you may not be able to change your fate after all but will you give it a try any ways?

NitricAcid did an incredible job with this one and the rather Noir style feel for it really made this character pop with the theme. May you beware the masters of the souls in the hereafter and treat them with respect.

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