Eternal Cyber Sailor Mercury by Midnightblut

Eternal Cyber Sailor Mercury


15 December 2019 at 12:32:56 MST

Drawn by erthy3d

Somtimes it's nice to have a quiet night, to have a change to look up at the night sky and see the starts and the moon. Since she had been gifted wit hthe powers of a Sailor Scout there had been few nights for FM to relax and take in the night sky. Too many fights and too many days filled with chaos and uncertainty but between those, when the quiet and calm sets in, she was able to appreciate the tranquility of it all and gaze at the stars.

I didn't want to really play wit hthe overall design of the outfit too much and I think it helped keep the asthetic of the Sailor Scout uniform with a few little modifications such as wires instead of ribbons. Erthy3d did a great job with the design of the Eternal Sailor Mercury outfit as well, making it look a bit upgraded to a more cyberpunk feeling without taking too much of the original design away.