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Luna Speckman by midnight21

Luna Speckman


So I was talking to my friend Kellendrasia about a year ago and she showed me a link to an old drawing she would like to see an update of. I told her that I was going to write the character out of the storyline because she didn't work for Silverfire's family tree anymore because the genetics had been changed. Then I looked at his older Selene and her husband Rocky Speckman as well as his uncle Paulie then decided to set her up with Selene's family. Then I changed Luna's hair a bit to make it all work.

I'm pretty happy with the way how this piece had turned out and needless to say, my artistic ability had been fully restored after going on hiatus for a year due to dealing with an abusive situation that lead to adrenal fatigue and excessive nerve damage. I'm alright now so you can expect more drawings from me from here on out.

Rocky and Paulie Speckman belongs to my friend Cozy Kangaroo and is used with permission.

Luna Speckman belongs to me. Please don't use without permission. Thank you.

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    I left this comment on DA but I figured I'd leave it here once again :)

    Beautiful job on the fabric, I just love the way that it drapes. The purple is a good contrast to both her dress color and her fur color. Nice use of purple eye shadow because it ties in nicely with the flow of the purple fabric. I really like her two toned hair. It has nice weight and a realistic color shift. The shading is just lovely. The only thing I would suggest for future piece is see what it would look like adding a light shadow edge under her jewelry for a tiny bit more depth. I love all the little glittery details in the light frosted bows and the dress edging. It works so well with the dark teal/turquoise of the rest of her dress.

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      That's fine lol. I still need to ask you if it's okay to draw venus... i feel the obligation to make you some gift art after everything we've had to go through...

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    This is INCREDIBLY pretty. I love the folds in her dress and the fabric she's leaning against. Very nice. :)