Light in the Darkness - By Metal on FA by midkantakina

Light in the Darkness - By Metal on FA


15 August 2017 at 20:10:00 MDT

An art that has meaning to both me and Talen, Story below he wrote to go with the art!

How long had it been? Days? Weeks? Years? Time felt as if it didn't exist here, every moment spent wandering in the darkness that had consumed him, dragging him down into the depths that even the slightest glimmer of light couldn't touch.

Slowly he wandered forward, the lights of his eyes had glazed over long ago, holding onto enough consciousness to keep himself active, to keep his attention forward and move on no matter what. No matter what he had to keep his senses sharpened, the cuts and scratches on his body a vibrant reminder of what lurched out to try to pull him deeper every so often. He had managed to fight it back each time, but yet...his strength was almost lost and each time he fought the will within him seemed to fade to do so again.

His ears lowered against his head, and his wings drooping weakly behind him, he moved forward, along a path that he had hoped led somewhere, each path before leading to a dead end, and each path pulled more sorrow out of him. Everything had fallen apart, his world collapsed and many things lost to him, events that scarred his memory even now tortured him day in and day out.

WIth a startled gasp, he stumbled forward, tripping along a crack in the ground. He barely caught himself, flinching at the draining feeling of using up more of his stamina that barely remained. His breathing slowed and weakened as the sensation of dizziness began.

Regaining his composure with what strength he had left, he shakily gazed ahead, his vision blurring as he struggled to focus. "N....No...." he groaned, feeling the last slivers of strength fading within as he gave a shake of his head, blinking as if trying to straighten his vision.

"Talen...." a voice called out to him, the first he had heard in what felt like an eternity, and...there had been a familiar tone to it, a warmth to it that sent goosebumps over his skin. His ears perked up, trying to find the source of that voice, taking a step forward only to stumble again. "Wh...who..who's...there?" he called out with a frail voice.

*With a brief flash of white light, a pair of angelic wings spread before him, making his eyes lid at the intensely bright light emanating before him, the shape of a tall figure appearing. Talen's eyes widened slightly, taking in the sight of the Angelion Succubus before him, her wings that were usually black, now glowing with an angelic brightness to them, her headwings glowing with the same intensity. The blue dress she wore had shifted to that of a heavenly white, her entire body glowing with the same vivid angelic aura. *

*Could this be real? The darkness had played so many tricks on him, making him doubt his every movement, every judgment, but this...this real. He shook his head for a moment, clenching his teeth as his paw came up, trying to reach for her. "M...Mids?'" his eyes fluttered, muscles weakening as he struggled to keep himself standing. *

*A relieved smile was on her face, taking a step towards him, the light that pulsed off of her sending a warmth through him. "I found you...I've finally found you..." her voice was as warm as the aura shimmering off of her. A smile slowly crept its way across his lips, as impossible it had seemed that she had found him, everything he felt at this moment from her, felt so real. *

*"Mid...night..." he called out to her, his arm outstretching to reach for her, before his eyes closed, falling to his knees before her. She quickly moved up, bringing her arms around him to hold him as he collapsed to his knees, his head slumping forward to rest against her chest, a smile on his lips. *

That vivid aura of hers pulsed brightly as he rested against her, filling his body with a warmth thought long forgotten, chasing away the darkness that still remained around him. "Lets go home...Talen." she smiled, the light within her shimmering with such a blinding light to it, spreading over both of them. Her arms tightened around him, holding his figure against her before they vanished in a flash of light from the realm of the darkness that had consumed the cheetah for so long

Also! A little explanation from me in case you haven't read the story of Midnight Star. She was born to a succubus mother and an angelic lion. She has black wings but can take angel form which makes her glow like so in the art depicted.

Art (c) metal
Talen Reion (c) whitewolfdaamiel
Midnight Star Kal'kina (c) midkantakina

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