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Middnitte Cresent / Female! / The Giant's Castle In The Sky

Never look towards the sky with stormy eyes~ (c) ME!
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes


The programs I use for artwork is: Paint Tool SAI, Sumo.create, deviantART Muro, Gimp, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Pixlr, and FlockDraw!

It's the same for almost everything, some may be Middnitte or Naphia. So make sure you try out all of them!

I host Join.me's sometimes, I do art requests (I accept to many at a time...then get stressed out on the many requests piled up in my mind...), I am very friendly....but if you tick me off, I'll become a TOTAL witch! :] But of course you won't do that, right?

Know me in 30 seconds minimum:

1) I love the sky.

2) I love the color BLUE.

3) If you want to annoy me, be ready to be I-G-N-O-R-E-D.

4) Give me cake with soft frosting and some mile tea, and we'll probably have a tea party.

5) I love to draw, write, dance, and be random.

6) I can do a back flip.

7) I want to fly with the birds.

8) My most favorite mystical creature is the AMAZING DRAGON!

9) My favorite element is FIRE!

10) I love vampires.

11) I hate seeing blood outside of the human body. (Cuts, to be more specific....)

12) I rant a lot....and drag on conversations that don't need to be dragged on....

13) My first language is not English.

14) I want to join forces with Russia! BECOME ONE! I love him!

15) I like watching anime, that's where Russia comes in!

16) I like cute things, like Android!

17) You don't know who you're messing with, so don't.

18) I LOVE Rick Riordan's EPIC books!

19) I have an imaginary closet, so if we're ever role-playing and I say: *hides in closet*, you know why.

20) I'm very obsessed with otome games, any games to that fact.

21) I love tsunderes in games, but in real life, they're jerks. I like soft and understanding guys... O__O

22) I do not have a tablet of any sort, so I basically use a desk-top if available and my trusty yet stupid lap-top.

23) I will not tolerate trolling, stealing, cyber-bullying, claimers, spammers, stupid irresponsible juvenile delinquent jerks. If you are one, fudge out of my profile.

24) I rest my case to you all, you know me well. V_V

Additional stuff on me:

I random, exciting, a perv at times, weirdest girl in my history of a life time, I started drawing in anime in 4th grade, so about 8-9 years old. Some may say I improved a lot between my 5th grade year and my 6th. Seriously, after meeting new people I got motivated to draw better. I moved a lot in my lifetime, so for all those who moved once and are complaining about loosing your friends that have been with you forever, stop. I never got to keep a friend for more than 3 years max. But I hope all that will change now...a little since, I think, we found a permanent spot.

Interests: Some things that will drop as hints through out my gallery.

Hobbies: Writing books, drawing, studying realism.

Dislikes: Art theft (specially of my own), rude and unruly people, murder, suicide, HEAVY METAL!

Genres in everything: Sci-fi, romance, mystery/thriller, comedy, horror*sometimes*, fiction, teen.

I will eventually and gradually update on my profile as the days go on by...! :D Enjoy-




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