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Stickers GNU/Linux by Michael Wazowski

Stickers GNU/Linux

Michael Wazowski

29 September 2013 at 20:05:19 MDT

I did these stickers to celebrate the 30th birthday of the GNU project. I will be putting them on my laptop.

The GNU project was started by Richard Stallman in 1983. It aims to empower all computer users in the world through free software (free as in freedom): software that you're free to run, study (through its open source), modify, copy, improve and distribute. The most notable contribution of the GNU project to society is the promotion of these core values, through which we've obtained the Linux operating systems, the Gnome desktop, and many other free software applications available today. Free software isn't only more ethical, it's also more transparent, less prone to malware or malicious features, and usually receives faster patches to security risks. You can learn more about free software through the Free Software Foundation or through GNU's website:

If you're interested in using Linux, ask a friend or myself to help you, or look for guides on the internet. There are Linux distributions which are really easy to use!

The mascots on the stickers are copylefted by their respective owners.

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