Anime Bullshit Sempai (doodle kinda) by MGlBlaze

Anime Bullshit Sempai (doodle kinda)


14 December 2014 at 16:00:26 MST

[01:11:56] MGlBlaze: -pawpaw- You have stuff to upload tooooo ; ;
[01:12:04] Kiwi: i dooo
[01:12:30] MGlBlaze: And Weasyl is sitting off to the side saying "Notice me, Kiwi-sempai. ; n ; "
[01:13:45] Kiwi: bahahah awww
[01:14:29] MGlBlaze: I'm going to fucking draw that at some point now. xD
[01:15:24 | Edited 01:15:48] MGlBlaze: I will draw the Weasyl weasel mascot in a schoolgirl outfit with anime blush stickers in a cutesy anime bullshit pose with that as the dialog.
[01:16:30] Kiwi: X3
[01:21:34] MGlBlaze: I'll fuckin' do it. I'M A FURRY ON THE EDGE AND I HAVE A TABLET.
[01:21:35] MGlBlaze: //shot
[01:21:56] Kiwi: oooh is this like a threat? O ^ O
[01:23:18] MGlBlaze: Nay, it be a promise. This'll be the equivalent of mailing you a disembodied ear of something you find important to you. Whether further anime bullshit is inflicted upon the world depends on what you do from that point on.

KiwinoAcorn KiwinoAcorn is a butt and hasn't been updating her Weasyl account. These are the consequences. >V

(I'm so sorry, Wesley. I like this site, I really do. ; n ; )

Dumb doodle due to a silly skype exchange.

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