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Hello, I'm Blaze.

I've been doing artwork for about ten years now. Still basically a nobody though, which is incredibly disheartening. Aside from that I play a lot of video games (though who doesn't nowadays), and I have recently started doing some Nerf mods that I may or may not make content on in the future. By extension I do a bunch of physical modelling and electronics work too. I have a programming background, though I haven't actually done so in a few years due to some personal issues.

I'm also a Ju-Jutsu practitioner, which has been pretty fun so far.



Other places;
Links to my youtube, twitch, twitter, art profiles et cetera. there~

I did make an F-List account but I don't really use the site for anything other than some character information and the like.
This is Blaze's page if you're interested.



Official Information


Everyone is encouraged to provide any criticism on anything here that they feel is pertinent. Preferably do it in a nice way; though if you really insist on being a jerk, please at least make sure you have a good point to make and I'll probably still listen. I am always seeking to improve where I can, and I feel that such feedback is probably the most direct way of accomplishing that goal. If anyone takes the time to go ahead and redline something that would be especially helpful.

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Now also on Itaku!

Figured I should make posts across other places too, because more options and redundancy is always a good idea. Never know when any one given site might die or have something go horribly wrong, after all. I'll periodically repost some of my older work on there over the next however long it takes to get caught up well enough.

For that matter, I have all my places linked in this one convenient page, so check them out too if you haven't already.

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    ur like my number 1 fan on this website. im sending good vibes ur way

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    Well, looks like some people didn't read profile guidelines on shouts.

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      I'm not too great at really getting around to cleaning either. Though it's not as if there's much else here anyway. >>;
      Mostly because I'm lazy and barely ever draw any more.