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Fencing n Stuff


22 October 2017 at 21:37:36 MDT

Okay! so I'm pretty happy with this picture came out, the start to finish time on this one leaves a little something to be desired but I can work on that I think! So much panting stuff went into this even if it might not seem like it. ..or maybe that's just because I've been staring at it for so long. Kinda bittersweet to be done, too I mean I'm glad I'mfinished with it and all, but part of me is gonna miss working on it XD

Hokay, so.. where do I staaart. it's justa two birbs fencing, the dirty lil raven being all tricky n stuff was like "oh look, an opening!" and~ the Pelbirb was all "YIPE!" n scooched out of the way just in time! I hope that came through, heh. never drawn fencing before! I also thought that they'd need slightly different Fencing swords, so I kind of did a filigree and beys-relief like one for the Pelbirb and a modified Cavalry sword for the Raven. The shield over there is just something silly I threw together, birb with graspy talons and stuff. ..ps I'm super super tired so I none of this is making sense I'm sorry!

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