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Mewtwo Medal of Honor - commission by Delthero by Mewtwo

Mewtwo Medal of Honor - commission by Delthero


This was a piece from delthero - not full color like usual commissions, but this one had to stay in black and white - it was used in making acrylic badges (check my next upload) and the machine required black and white images to work from.

One Mewtwo is presenting a medal of honor to another of the species; three words - Perserverance, Loyalty, and Justice - are inscribed on its edge.

The species has persevered against those who wish to capture or eradicate it, Mewtwos are fiercely loyal to to their own and those they are sworn to protect, and they wish to see justice served to those who do wrong, both to themselves and others.

Along those same lines, the Mewtwo fandom itself has persevered over a decade, including a very long time where there was little to no official Mewtwo work being produced and little acknowledgement we even existed, those within the fandom are loyal to one another and their friends, and we also wish to bring justice to those who do wrong.

Thank you, Delthero, for making another powerful statement piece for me!

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