The Gang's All Here - commission by Delthero by Mewtwo

The Gang's All Here - commission by Delthero


29 January 2016 at 23:10:53 MST

This is the end product of a massive commission done by delthero

It stars my trainer forceswerwolf and his entire team!

From left to right:

Sagi (sagimewtwo), Sparky (charizardsparky), Marl (kureno), Matt (supinthehouse), Volsar (keeperofjunk), Myuutsuu (myuutsuu85), Skunkhase, me, Nate (charizardcowman), Soji (sojiroex), Static (staticthepikachu), Nova (meganovav1), Galileo (wyvernsage08), and Akira (syntheticmewtwo)

This was one hell of a project and I'm amazingly impressed!

(There are other Pokemon on Skunkhase's team now; this was his complete team at the time the commission was initiated. Also, anyone who is featured in this commission, I have individual pictures of each of your characters, please let me know if you'd like them!)


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