Skunk Dunked -- Rubber Skunk Transformation by Mewscaper

Skunk Dunked -- Rubber Skunk Transformation


25 November 2016 at 21:16:34 MST

There really is no point in fighting hand-to-paw the Skunk Witch over on 3010 Rubber Grove. Common arms will merely penetrate her briefly, for her body bears regeneration capabilities.

Fighting bare-handed is the most foolish. She will encase your hands in slick, strong-smelling rubber, rendering them useless. Try as you might to continue brawling, you will struggle with globs of skunk gunk on your hands. You may try to rub the rubber off of yourself, but you will only succeed in smearing the squeaky, sticky stuff further onto your body. The rubber encasing your hands will soak into your skin, making them soft, pliable paws, and not your own.

All the while, the skunk witch will stand back and watch your plight, a sly grin on her sleek, squeaky face.

When much of your body has been subdued to the squeaks and scents, she know it is time. She will stoop down and lift you by the chin with one squeaky paw.

She will stare into your eyes, and for a moment, you will see the anger and wrath from centuries ago. She will not hypnotize you with her eyes, or luscious squeaky latexy sounds. No, she wants you completely aware of your fate.

For your insolence, she will have your mind obliterated. Completely and fully. Make you nearly too simple for life. Less than a pet – nay, little more than a squeaky, rubber skunk toy.

The rubber trees here are still alive. Withered, but still potent, and cursed. She will dunk you into skunk, far and deep – your mind and soul will be squeaked away into the essence of the grove, forever.

Madame Noisome Noire will serve you the same mercy she suffered so many years ago.



- Mewscaper