Good Intentions (Rubber Skunk Transformation) by Mewscaper

Good Intentions (Rubber Skunk Transformation)


5 September 2016 at 16:57:20 MDT

Good intentions yield great rewards. The skunk witch knows this, and is happy to oblige those that would "help" her. There is no need to resist -- you, after all, came here of your own volition, laid down with the creature, and allowed her to surround and envelop you. The squeaks tingle in your ears, blobbing them into shape. The haze oozes into your senses, saturating your lungs. The living latex creeps warmly over your body and slides lustily into your brain, making them lustrous and smooth. Your tail drips the same shiny nectar, the same sounds and smells, ready to seduce and squish.

You are, of course, more than happy to use your charms to help revive this foul swamp into the thriving grove it once was. 3010 Rubber Grove. There is no "time before." You do not know anything besides this address, your warm littermates, and the wondrous witch who has made you so. There is only now, your purpose and squeaky existence.

The grove has best intentions for you.



-- Mewscaper