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Helluva Raptor by Metrosaurus

Helluva Raptor


Blitzo always strikes me as Raptor like, so I guess it'd be cool if they're fully Raptor.
Also changed the team name to fit it more with them.

Maybe I should do an entire Dinosaur hell?


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    A "Dinosaur Hell" sounds like it would be an awesome concept for a setting. More of like a post-afterlife society possibly run by birds (because birds are dinosaurs :x), all from different time periods and all coming to one place. A location that gets really really overcrowded once the great extinction happens (possibly the end of Season 1? :3c)
    And yes, I love this idea of Imps being Raptors ^^ They really really look the part! Great job~

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    i didnt know i wanted to see something like this till i did... now i'd love to see more of them in this form :D

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      Thanks a lot!

      Work's been very consuming lately.. Don't know if I could fully fledged this concept. But I have another exciting HB project in mind. ^^

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    First off, this concept fits way too well. Second, you really matched the art-style of the show. Nice!

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    Thanks for the feedback, y'all!
    You guys really motivate me. Work's been very busy for me, but I think I might upload here more now that you guys love my works. ^_^

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      Do what you can, mate! Life comes first :3