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Roxanne Outfit 13: Latex Maid Outfit by metalzaki

Roxanne Outfit 13: Latex Maid Outfit


Zaki: The next outfit we have on display is a mix of Western & Eastern styles. A Latex Maid outfit...

Roxanne: Poses How can I serve you master winks.

Zaki: Yes this lovely out not only doubles for looking good as a Cleaning uniform for your maids. It also comes with a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. For those who have Maid Fetishes. ASK THESE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

Zero: The outfit is rather tight but honestly after wearing it for a couple of hours actually started getting used to it! A lot of people while I was dusting commented the shine really showed that or giving my rear a quick smack overall a great fun maid outfit! minus the smacks... Alright maybe I liked some of them. blushes

Latch: A pleasant outfit combining styles of the East and West. While I don't usually wear latex, I found this one to be a choice outfit for cleaning. I don't have any servant staff, but it certainly felt right wearing this when cleaning. It definitely has my vote as a go-to maid outfit!

Sasha: A nice and stylish outfit that all my servants wear as they look after the "Guests" at my place of work. Tight, form fitting and very shiny, one can't help but admire the wearer of the outfit as they go about their duties. I think I might have to order several more. Hmmm, I wonder if they have a version for male servants too?

Zaki: Lastly it comes in different colors and soon it will come in male sizes. and first 200 orders come with a matching Ball-gag. All for the low low price of 900 Mobium. But that's not all the first 5 callers will get a second outfit free.

Roxanne: I'm not included...

Art and story by Metalzaki Metalzaki
Roxanne the Vampfox belongs to Metalzaki Metalzaki
Zero story comment by ZeroKarasu
Latch: story comment by Feyro
Sasha story comment by SashaBountyHunter

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