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#20 Eggwarden Izia and ChaosOverlordZ by metalzaki

#20 Eggwarden Izia and ChaosOverlordZ


And Here... FINALY!!! The last of the Eggwarden commissions this one is a second one for Izia Izia with ChaosOverlordZ the characters in this are from Left to right Cosami, Baavan and Aithne who are all under the control of the hypno hats and are trying to one up each other for zaki. Which is pointless cause zaki has eyes for baavan.

Zaki: points to baavan. "you come sit on my lap. you two" points to Cosami and Aithne. "fight in some oil." pressed a button and a oil pit opens. "What? I had to end this Eggwarden thing with something like this."

Cosami and Aithne belong to Izia Izia
Baavan belongs to ChaosOverlordZ and Izia Izia
Art and EggWarden concept belong to Metalzaki Metalzaki