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#12 Eggwarden Izia and ChaosOverlordZ by metalzaki

#12 Eggwarden Izia and ChaosOverlordZ


Number 12 of the EggWarden commission for Izia Izia of his OC Raine Scarlet and Light Scarlet. With their guest in the middle FemZero. In the picture Raine and Light's Hypno hats have been turned on, and they sorta capture FemZero.

Zaki: Well well well... Looks like my girls have captured FemZero... turns around in spinning chair only to go eye wide to see Raine and Light Snuggling FemZero I guess the girls are a little too much for the hypno hats.

Raine & Light: snuggles and purrs

FemZero: No you think. -_-

Raine Scarlet and Light Scarlet belong to Izia Izia
FemZero belongs to ChaosOverlordZ
Art and EggWarden concept belong to Metalzaki Metalzaki