Lazy Sundays by metalmilitiaman

Lazy Sundays


4 November 2015 at 14:08:04 MST

There are few experiences in life quite as sublime as having someone resting gently on you. Between the leg wrapped around yours, the head rested gently on your chest, and the slight smirk on their face, you can tell they wouldn't rather be anywhere else at that exact moment. The little tigox had a long day exploring the city with you and even an exuberant soul like his needs a break to catch their breath. Besides, you know he'll greet you with a warm smile and a loving kiss when he awakes from his slumber...

As a bear, I am a huge fan of cuddles. We do it better than any other species out there too :P

It's nice to be in a pic that isn't centered around sex, especially when it's with someone as cute as Azu. He introduced me to this artist and they did really cute anime style art with beautiful colors. I figured I'd give them a try and, as you can see, it was worth every penny.

Art by rokito

Azu is albedo_azura

Rurik is mine.