The Battle of Kros Suite [Soundtrack] by MesserWolf

The Battle of Kros Suite [Soundtrack]

The Battle of Kros Suite [Soundtrack]


28 February 2013 at 15:21:23 MST

"The Battle of Kros".

main characters: Maximum Miezzer (human), Erik Lerki (human) and Heather McClay (anthro wolf).

This is long into the future (but the year is still unknown). All the humans are kept in a quarantine like dome located in the "Northeastern Domain of America" and it covers most of New England. All the anthros keep to themselves in Europe. My character Max has countless dreams of a woman dressed in black but he is never able to see her face. One day a mysterious man gathers up an army of humans and anthros of a great skill level. Max in order to honor his father decides to join. Max discovers that the woman he saw in his dreams were Heather :O . Max notices that for no reason people keep calling by the name of Kros...... later he takes a journey into the inner soul to find that there's a demon living inside of name by the name of Kros and once Max dies, Kros will be released onto the world. Max's friend Erik dies in battle and he ends up being sacrificed to a demon and Erik returns as a soul reaper of some kind swearing to get revenge of Max.... Just to give an idea of what this music is based off of.

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