Terriermon Plush by MesmeroMania

Terriermon Plush


21 February 2014 at 15:08:06 MST

For sale on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PlushMania
This is my favourite plush I’ve made so far - probably because I actually fixed the mistakes. It originally had a jutting out chin like some of other plushies have which I know how to get rid of now, and I had to resew the horn on because I sewed it on before I stuffed it, so the head looked warped. I also moved the nose lower down and repainted the eyes with the white parts on, because it looked weird without them. The face also turned out rounder than I expected!
This is classed as my February plush (I’m making at least 1 plush a month this year), it’s much better to make it halfway through the month so I have time to change things instead of leaving it last minute.
I think I’ll make a lopmon next, I need to check whether I have the right fabric.

  • About 4 inches tall.
  • 100% hand sewn.
  • Took around 5 hours 40 minutes to cut out the pattern, sew and stuff.
  • Made with jade and ivory cuddle 3 minky, clear safety eyes and a safety nose. The mouth is hand embroidered with a tiny bit of acrylic paint added to darken it, and the eyes were painted with acrylic paint and nail varnish.

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    This is the cutest Terriermon plush I've seen in forever.
    And you should definitely do Lopmon whenever you have the chance!

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      Thank you!
      And yep I'm doing Lopmon next, I just ordered some more eyes because I ran out of the right size.