~Price Sheet.~ by Merr

~Price Sheet.~


16 January 2014 at 23:55:07 MST

I completely redid the sheet. Some prices changed.

People looking for graphical pose's from me they're 20$. Only fully custom that is it.

Rules and To Knows
I can be slow or I can be really quick.
I do Anthro and Feral
Turn around can be 1 day to a month, give or take.

REFUNDS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE! -Just ask me and I will try my best to give them to you ASAP.
Once poses/art is given to you, they're your responsibility.
Like I said I can be slow, that means it might take me awhile. Emailing me constantly will only make me drop your commission. If its been a week with out a update its okay to email me.
I sometimes forget to respond to emails right away since I usually check them on my phone. Please don't take this as I'm ignoring you.
Commissioning me you're agreeing to that I can be slow and you're okay with that.

About Adult Work
I will do tasteful stuff
No crazy fetishes.
Again I suck at multiple characters
Heavy bondage is as far as I will go.
I don't do it very often so its a little harder for me.

Information About My Poses
I spend about 2-4 hours per pose. Sometimes a little more.
Other art can take a good 5 hours.
I'm very nit picky sometimes.
I'm better at females then males.
Its hard for me to draw things really skinny.
I'm better at drawing things thicker.
I like to draw fluff. But non-fluffy things are okay too.
I can draw other things then wolves.
Pushing my limits is a good thing.
I suck at multiple characters.

Unless stated otherwise.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital

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