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Afraid of the Light by meroe1313

Afraid of the Light


"Oh my, you look lonely. Don't worry. I'll tear you apart, and you'll be free."

An original character, inspired by a RP group over on DA about stuffed animals who come to life after their owner left them behind in an abandoned house. You can find the group here:

The character depicted is a special doll called a Star Rabbit. It's a doll that's meant to teach girls manners and responsibility, and be a loveable companion. A girl starts playing with Star Rabbit as a baby, when it's in its fat, squishy form. Then, as the girl grows up, she unzips the back of the doll to reveal the smaller, more delicate poseable doll inside, as if Star Rabbit is growing up with the child. Unfortunately for Babu, her child never noticed the zipper in the back of her Star Rabbit shell.

Babu was a happy toy, once. She so loved to play every day with baby Lillith, no matter how many times Lillith threw her against the wall or dropped her in her cereal, for that was Babu's reason for living - to be played with by a baby, who would grow into a respectable young adult with Babu's guidance. However, as Lady Lillith grew bigger, Babu's life grew less and less exciting, and one day, Babu fell under the bed. Such a dirty, horrible place. Babu could hear everything going on in the room outside, but she was too scared to move toward the light. There was just too much darkness and things lurking in it. So Babu waited, certain, beyond any doubt, that Lady Lillith would soon rescue her from the dark place and embrace her once again.

And she waited. And waited. And waited, waited, waited, alone, in the dark. She waited for so long that she forgot how to move. The darkness consumed Babu. She knew that she'd died. Or at least, part of her did.

She had to get out. Babu clawed at the stifling fluff around her as best she could with her weak, narrow arms. Finally she reached a tightly woven wall, with a vertical row of something cold and smooth running down it. Babu scratched and scrabbled, but there was no escape. No hope. She let out a shrill wail...

Slowly, the zipper before her opened. Glorious light burned Babu's eyes. She was free! Babu leaped into the arms of her savior - one of the Paros, the twisted tribe of dolls who wished death on mankind. But Babu didn't care about any of that.

Life was exciting again.

After being born again, Babu became completely loyal to the Paros. So much time alone had broken her mind, so she had a childlike mentality and was no longer capable of much thought of her own except for her immediate wants and needs, and the commands of her saviors. The ones who rescued her removed her arms and replaced them with stronger appendages, so she'd be of more use to them. They thought to do the same with her legs, but she was too traumatized after the first transplant.

With her hybrid flashlight to keep away the dark and the her old Star Rabbit skin as a bag, Babu stalks the neighborhood in search of enemies and glittering goodies to bring back to her home. She's especially fond of buttons and beads - especially if they're the eyes of her enemies.