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Soyu Moroux


30 May 2016 at 21:00:52 MDT

A proper ref for Soyu Moroux, (Eons AU)

His Lyzan self is a bit different, but this could be a general ref for now. It is important to note they are incredibly different people in many different ways. I will likely post a quick ref of his Lyzan / Sempertet self momentarily. As far as looks go he is incredibly similar

Soyu enjoys wearing more feminine things in private or around those he really trusts (Reese/Aaron) However he has a lot of 'problems' due to the events below. Despite looking quite fine (better then fine) he has severe self image issues that he doesn't reveal to others. He always seems confident in himself and his looks, but he is often far from it. He dresses well; wearing more formal things and lots of white on most days. Under his clothes he often wears tight things- though leggings he saves for only at home (he is afraid someone will see them)

Later on an incident occurs in which he is captured by a rival gang; tortured and his left leg shattered. Eventually he is bound and gagged, locked in a car and pushed into a lake to send a message to Lasseter, but manages to escape before he drowns, only just barely. After this he takes a while to recover from his injuries sustained from the torture- particularly, his leg never heals properly and gives him pain regularly. He sometimes walks with a cane, sometimes he doesn't. But he refuses to take the pain killers for it, for reasons connected to his past noted below. Because of being forcably drugged during that time, he has a great discomfort with any types of these things, even if he needs it.

  • Lasseter learns of an extended family line of his when digging through some old paper work at the house. Considering his complete detachment from most of his family, he seeks them out and takes a business trip to meet them in […] Where he meets Lenah, Soyu [17] and his four siblings.

  • It becomes apparent Lenah owns money to a local loan shark, which is being collected on by an individual who is forcing Soyu to live with him, it clear the man is sexually abusing him as well as keeping him in a constant state of 'too drugged to do anything about it'. Lasseter is fuming about the situation, but trying to remain composed enough to do something about it without provoking the loan shark.

  • He breaks into the apt one evening to get Soyu, but finds him in a state of overdose on the bed, unconscious, clearly beaten and sexually assaulted. When he scans the room it also becomes apparent that what ever was taking place had been recorded [the video recorder absent] He takes him to where he is staying and uses his own medical knowledge to keep him from slipping away, but only just barely. Lasseter is furious and feels dangerously close to doing something he might regret.

  • He keeps Soyu there for a few days, attempting to talk to him about the extent of what has been done to him. He seems unable to talk about it at the time and is weak from his ordeal. Lasseter is not entirely sure if the damage caused is permanent or if in Soyu's present state he can make it through the severe withdraw symptoms he begins to experience in the coming days.

  • When […] realizes Soyu has been taken he immediately distances himself from the property, believing Lasseter to be responsible. Lasseter remains to ensure Soyu makes it through his ordeal. He notes that he seems scared from it but that he hides it for his families sake. In this Lasseter offers to help relocate them to the city in which he lives, to help get them on their feet again.

  • When Soyu feels he has things together enough, he attends a police academy and attempts to become an officer. He doesn't finish, with other things on his mind. Instead Lasseter offers an alternative, to send him off for a different sort of training. there he gained various skills, working his way up through a cleaner/hitman order. He began doing jobs for Lasstester when he was confident he could, becoming rather successful at this.

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    THIS LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL BOY I adore how his bangs are fallin in front of his eyes in the far left pic and i LOVE his underclothes omg what a cutie (his expression in that one is so good too)

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      he is my favorite boi ahh- first male character i've had that i am actually projecting into a bit-? feels pregood tbh- thank you Cory!! i just wish i was as tall as he is...

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        I'm so glad!! And yea I FEEL IT. Makes all my fav boys tall and wishes.... for their height.....