Forgotten Dream by Meora Hedva

Forgotten Dream

Meora Hedva

17 February 2014 at 17:33:26 MST

Medium : Coffee/Pigments/Inks

FAQ : What is O Ka-Fée ?

O Ka-Fée is the term concerning all my paintings done with coffee. It concerns the way of painting and of obtaining textures with coffee. It's about projections of coffee, which once in stains on the sheet, undergo injections of pigments. (Powder, colorex, watercolor.)

Textures realized by coffee by drying (more or less sweetened) are unique, they are more interesting than those realized with water.
The coffee is a rather complex medium has to master, it's necessary to know its reactions to be able to manipulate it with pigments, we learn it every day.

O Ka-Fée also concern my graphic style and the whole universe which gets free of it. :)

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    That is some absolutely gorgeous smoke. Everything else is great as well, of course, but dang. :D

    (Just realizing how big that dragon's wings get!)

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    The upper left seems to invoke thoughts of a "forgotten dream". Maybe the entirity of the imagery is of visions in a passing dream, and "a bit more" could have been in that corner in the dreamer's "POV", but wasn't for the dreamer steadily "losing the dream" in returning to some grade of consciousness. Just my speculation.

    Lovely work here overall. :) <3

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    Ohh this is very lovely~ The colours and textures are really nice and I love how it becomes more wispy/smokey further up you go in the picture with even the wings fading like smoke! The contrast is great between the portions with lineart and the rest of the picture without too.