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Stream Batch 78-1 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 78-1


Thaaaaaat's a new Stream Batch!

1º ijones12 & MorgyPieTFs got a sequence showing ijones rudely knocking on a Grandfather Clock causing him to TG+AR into a 4 year old Hat Kid, wearing the Cookie Dough Dye.
2º Mad-Hatter-Ison & LyhokoLeaci got a pick showing Yuuno picking up Madison as yet another daughter, adding to the two she had already picked, but apparently Peri Rose had already been picked too, this makes things quite confusing, as there are supposedly two Madisons here.
3º Zeydaan & IrateResearchers got their characters Isabella and Jel'Amery turned into a lil' Goblins, I guess their intentions were good at first, wondering where the owner of that emerald went to, but said good intentions quickly go away post transformation, now eager to go get more treasure >:y

Second Canvas
Third Canvas

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