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My Newest Baby by MentalCrash

My Newest Baby



It's time for a Birthday Gift! This one going to Mr. Danyantto! I recently finally caught up with My Hero Academia, which he had been pestering me about it non-stop for years. I don't know why but I have the slight suspicion Dany really likes the character Ochako Uraraka, and while reading the manga I happened to really like the character Mei Hatsume, who has a type of personality I can align with quite a lot.

So, for Dany's birthday gift, I drew him a pic of both characters, well, kinda three considering Ochako is wearing Fat Gum's outfit. A tall, egg shaped hero who can use his fat to absorb hits, capture people and carry allies around like a taxi. Hatsume invents all sorts of support gadgets for heroes, but she does what she wants, never listening to advice, and even failed (and explosive) attempts at gadgets can have some use:

Introducing, the Fat Gum suit! It pretty much replicates all of Pro Hero Fat Gum's abilities, but that of course means you have to be severely overweight to begin with. Why do away with all that fat when you can just put it to good heroic use instead?

Happy to Mr. Dany the Antto! Hope to see you sometime soon!