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Stream Batch 64-2 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 64-2


Second Canvas of the latest Stream Batch!

1º IrateResearchers got a continuation to the Whale Furryfication+Gender Change+Weight Gain they've been getting, adding in a nice middle step as well as a more advanced once, it seems like Xavi and his new female whale girl form are having some conflicting thoughts as she starts buying more things on the Gacha that initially started the transformation.
2º RorotteRotte's character Rorotte has also joined the MC Scouts! And has also ended up as a tiny tiny baby scout, still needing diapers :3c
3º ijones12 & LyhokoLeaci got a pic showing Yuuno picking up another daughter, ijones was on his way to work when Yuuno decided to adopt her, it doesn't seem like the weight gain was intentional, or I guess she just kept the same weight she had before transforming? Either way, at least she doesn't has to go to work to walmart.
4º infuscomus got a pic of both of us, as pilots from Darling in the Franxx, infus having a bit of trouble controlling himself with uhm, the view. This pic also includes a POV shot as you can see.
5º Malkaiwot got another pic of their Kobold form, has she put on weight? Mmm... Maybe, maybe just a little, nothing important~.
6º theheroofdarkness got another addition to the reindeerification set they've been getting for a while now, showing both of us by an onsen spring as I encourage her to get it, but ah, no clothes.
7º Infernostar01 got a pic of their character Sakura, kind of a POV, maybe even Age Swap, the viewer had mistaken her for a normal, lost kid, being revealed she's actually quite a tall Kitsunemimi lady.
8º PieGuy007 quite simply asked for a TG+AR pic of himself, turning into a lil' girl with quite extra puffy diaper.
9º LyhokoLeaci also asked for a few chibis you can see at the bottom right of the canvas.

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