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Stream Batch 63-2 - AGW 1,51 - Winter Scouts by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 63-2 - AGW 1,51 - Winter Scouts


Second Canvas of the Winter Girlscouts Stream Batch!

This of course is an expansion of sorts to the 7th AGW event, the Girlscouts, this time just having a new, snugglier uniform for the winter. This time there are quite a bit more characters though, I guess it'll end up balancing with all the non winter scouts I've drawn :>

This is the 22nd of the AGW Events, the previous ones being:

-Hex Maniac
-Big Sisterification
-Girl Scoutification
-Sporty Girlification
-Cave Story
-HuCowification +
-Jinako Carigiri
-Venus Bodytype
-Cat Girls

1º LilMisSierra got a pic of her character Matti, a tomboy, so of course she wasn't happy to end up in a pink skirt and little pigtails, not only that but she ended up as the only girlscout in this batch young enough to still be in diapers :y

Also I don't know what she's talking about regarding some sort of quota, I don't think there's a goal like that on the cookie sales.

2º RattyBuns got a very sweet pic of both of us, having some hot cocoa while holding hands, it's been so long since Levi got transformed, so it's nice to see that she's quite happy with it now, she was so shocked back then :>

3º madcapguy is our second Den Mother in this batch, like mother, like daughter, she went through TG+AR, joined the scouts, quite a proficient one at bullshitting people into buying her cookies by putting on a helpless, sad façade. Then grew up, had kids and the tradition endures. She's so proud :3c

4º Masterhand0000 simply got themselves girlscoutified, the braces it seems were particularly surprising.

5º TheAmazingTGWriter also simply got a pic of Giselle girlscoutified, what are you blaming me for? i dindu nuffin.

6º torrez602 got a flying cookie right on the mouf, turning him into a chubby scout, not wearing the winter uniform tho, I guess she's not going to that cold at that size.

7º crazydragon259 finished up the batch with a three step sequence, himself turned into his character Autumn, I guess only appearance wise? I don't think anything happened to her memory. She even kepy the Sabaton hat.