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The Afterparty by MentalCrash

The Afterparty


And so it comes to pass, another year of crazy things, and another fundamental shift on my life, it seems like I'm never having any quiet years.

This, like last year, is a way for me to thank those who commissioned and where engaged with my discord community the most. A picture featuring all of us... Just laying around.

This is a scene I had in mind for a long long time now, and something I may actually work on further eventually, The open clothes and well... General lewdness of the picture was an afterthought, I mainly just wanted to have a quiet aftermath scene of everyone resting, well... Almost everyone.

Included in this pic you have, from left to right but mmm... The characters are kinda scrambled, aren't they?:

Top Row: Nathan_B, theheroofdarkness, SomariaMoon, TheRoseQueenAlexis, infuscomus
Next Row, Viperwing and right below LyhokoLeaci, then Redmond17 around the center of the pic
Bottom Row: Nassley, TheUrbanLegend52, Mad-Hatter-Ison and me.

I wanna thank everybody for their support this year, it really has been a crazy growth, monetarily, as a platform and the skills I've gained in general. Believe me that back at the start of 2019 I couldn't have imagined things moving this quickly, and there's only more and more to come as 2022 will be shaping up to be a very busy year, a handful of my followers already know my plans, but I'll be making them more and more public in the upcoming months.

So, onto 2022.