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Stream Batch 58-3 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 58-3


Here's the third canvas of latest Stream Batch!

1º TheUrbanLegend52 turned into a semi clone of Komi-San, of course being unable to communicate, I know what she's asking for with that sign, but darling you gotta put it into words if you want to be turned back :3c
2º ijones12 got a pic of their Kobold character White Tail, glancing at her reflection in a pond, which seems to be waving back, how is this possible? 0:
3º Masterhand0000 got another addition to the Pokemonification set they've been commissioning for a while, with the transformation finishing as the Gardevoir horn sprouts from her chest. Tearing her shirt to shreds. That looks painful .3.
sportscarfan18 simply got a Christmas themed emoji of their OC Amanda.
5º SecretAgentMittens got an Age Regression pic of his viking character, she was seemingly taunting magicians on the battlefield, getting hit with a regression spell as a result, it's... Gonna be kinda difficult to wield that axe now I think.
I guess it is an ALT thing of sorts to this TG+AR pic they drew.

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