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Stream Batch 57 - Halloween 2021 SFW by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 57 - Halloween 2021 SFW


Could this be, dare I say, the season? A week after actual Halloween happened I'm finally done with this Stream Batch, there ended up being two canvases from this batch, though in order to organize them better this time I simply separated them by SFW and NSFW, as you know I allow weird and gruesome topics for the Halloween events, so I placed both the bloody and the kinky pics in the second canvas.

1º Annakatan started the set with a new addition to the Princess Yosuke set, starring Yosuke Koiwai from the manga 'Yotsuba&!', TG+ARed into an even younger age than his daughter Yotsuba, and going out for some Trick or Treating in this pic, carrying a lil' bit too much candy, dressed up like Yotsuba, except for the hair of course, while she tried to have her hair styled in the clover shade of Yotsuba, Yosuke's hair is much longer :3c
2º Redmond17 & TheUrbanLegend52 got a demoness pic! A Demon Sandy Reswald has put magic leashes on TheUrbanLegend52 and I, halfway through transforming us into Tiki from Fire Emblem and a Monster Bunny respectively, does she intend to keep us as her pets? ;v
3º infuscomus got an absorption pic, starring both of us, apparently I've traversed a mirror and began absorbing him, using him to grow my lower half, into quite the pearshape. One of the unconvential things you wouldn't see me drawing if it wasn't Halloween.
4º Nassley got a Berserk styled pic of my ID, as the characters Griffith and Femto, with him as Guts, quite happy to follow me on my goals when I'm drawing Weight Gain and FemDom, but ah, what if I focused on Age Regression instead, c'mon Nash, don't you like cuteness?
5º IrateResearchers got a pic of their character Xavi, tasting a bit of the Halloween potion I drew on the announcement picture, which turned him into a moth girl, extra fluffy.
6º DismalDetractor was seemingly having a chat with me on the phone, aren't you going out Trick or Treating? What a pity, maybe if we adjusting things a bit so you don't feel too out of place :>
7º MajorMooch got a picture of their character Luci, or Muci, which is her cow form, which I drew a handful of months ago. Mooch asked for her to simply make her dress up to look cute, sexy, or a mix of both, so I dressed up as the Helltaker's character Modeus, or I guess it'd be Moodeus in this pic?
8º callrudy asked for a pic of their demoness OC, trying to perform a grand spell of domination, only... It seems like it didn't quite work, oh well, at least she'll be surprising everyone with the quality of her trick or treating "costume".
9º monsoondave asked for a sequel to their Futanari Tanuki form, in japanese folklore, raccoons, or as they're called there, Tanuki, can transform at will by using leaves, this time she had turned into a trick or treater, dressed up as the Blue Super Sentai, in order to score some free candy. what tricky Futanuki.

NSFW Canvas

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