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Award Winning MMOchi by MentalCrash

Award Winning MMOchi


From the latest Stream Batch.

TheUrbanLegend52 started this batch, with starring theirs, Hypershadic123, AnonymousDevi and Kaiza-TG's Final Fantasy XIV characters, in different stages of having tried the mochi cakes, Dreah and Mitsu already fully transformed, slacking around snacking and playing videogames, while Nadja is half transformed, her rabbit ears shrinking, a muffin top forming, her overall towering height lowering and arms forming on her sides. While Erdene seems to have noticed the mochi cakes may be to blame, but just after she took a bit of it. Too late for you now :V

Dreah, on the left, belongs to Hypershadic123
Nadja, on the center, belongs to Kaiza-TG
Mitsu, on the, belongs to TheUrbanLegend52
Erdene, the emoji off screen, belongs to AnonymousDevi

ALT Version

Full Canvas